Roast Lamb with Potato & Broccoli Mash


Keep it simple. Roast lamb is not complicated, but it needs to be done right.
This lamb recipe is Mumma MIM’s concoction, developed over her years of experience, proving winter comfort meals can give you a big warm foodie hug. Whenever I make this roast lamb, it makes me all mushy & sentimental & that is how a good dish should make you feel!


Roast lamb should be soft, juicy & gelatinous. It should not taste boiled or be hard & chewy. Just because you roast something for a long time does not guarantee tenderness. It needs juices & flavour.
Adding red wine & oil will boost the flavour, but by adding some good quality beef stock it will caramelise & become sticky in the bottom of the pot, forming a delicious sauce. But the real secret is placing the carved meat back into the pot to soak up the juices.


Roast Lamb with Potato & Broccoli Mash (MIM style)

What you need
2.5 kilo organic leg of lamb
1 cup of red wine
1 cup beef stock
good glug of olive oil
8 garlic cloves
sprigs of fresh rosemary & thyme
6 potatoes
1 head of broccoli
100g salted butter
2 cups of full cream milk
sea salt & pepper

Go for it…
Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius.
Place your lamb in a large, deep casserole dish. Grab a small sharp knife & make 6 small incisions over the lamb. Peel 3 garlic cloves, thinly slice them & push a slice into each incision. Pour in the wine, beef stock and good glug of oil, add in the remaining garlic cloves – unpeeled – season the top of the lamb with sea salt & pepper & throw in some fresh sprigs of rosemary & thyme. Pop into the oven for 2.5 hours, checking each hour that there is still juice in the bottom of the dish.
While the lamb is roasting away in the oven, it’s time to get started on the housework… or the potato & broccoli mash!
Place a large pot, filled with salted water, onto the boil. Place the potatoes into the pot & cook the potatoes until they are cooked through. Drain & peel the skins off the potatoes & set to one side. In the same pot, re-fill with salted water & place onto the boil. Roughly chop up the broccoli & pop into the water, cook until the broccoli is bright green & still firm. Drain & return back to the pot, adding in the potatoes & blitz everything together with a hand mixer, adding in the milk & butter as you go, until smooth & creamy.
Once the lamb is falling off the bone, remove from the oven & place on a chopping board to rest. Carve up the lamb. Once carved, return the lamb pieces to the juices in the pot & place on the stove top to warm through.
Place the mash onto a serving tray & top with the lamb & serve.

Sneaky seconds
Serves 4.



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4 responses to “Roast Lamb with Potato & Broccoli Mash

  1. Yummy! This looks quite Greek (and Turkish) :-) I had a dish like this in Chania, Crete, except that it came with eggplant puree, and it was from heaven! Will have to try your recipe.

    Have a great Sunday. I am going to the market!

  2. This is such a lovely dinner. I love how you added broccoli into your mash and I can tell the lamb is absolutely perfect. I am glad you posted this, I have never roasted lamb before (in fear it would not be tender and succulent) but now I’m going to try using your recipe.

  3. Yum, nothing beats Mum’s lamb roast!

  4. It looks divine! So comfy and delicious! Just like a warm hug!

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