Boozy Summer Fruit Salad


Ah summer time, where the sun is shining, plants are wiltering, ice-blocks are melting & hippies are hippin’ – who can be bothered doing anything?

Mid Summer Boozy Fruit Salad 002

But the inevitable hunger pangs set in & some effort is required to satisfy them… this is where the Boozy Summer Fruit Salad comes into play.

Mid Summer Boozy Fruit Salad 02

Aussie fruit is at its best in summer time, stone fruit is growing larger than life & the sweet smells of farm-picked strawberries & cherries make their way to the Marrickville markets… life is good.

Mid Summer Boozy Fruit Salad 03

So with the tunes pumping in the background, you will have this salad whipped up before the end of the next song, guaranteed!

Mid Summer Boozy Fruit Salad 04

Fruit salads are great, but make sure you use fresh seasonal fruit & stay away from the boring standard fruit, such as bananas – I’m really loving greener-than-jade figs at the moment. They have a little bit of tartness on the outside, but are super delicious on the inside. Adding fresh herbs & vodka will give the salad that refreshing kick – it’s basically summer on a plate.


Boozy Summer Fruit Salad (MIM style)

What you need
1 plump mango
|1 large juicy peach
1 ruby red pomegranate
2 greener than jade figs
handful of sweet luscious cherries
couple sprigs of basil & mint leaves, chiffonnade
juice from half a small lemon
juice from 1 lime & a little zest
1 shot of vanilla vodka + extra for a little splashing…
1 tbps of agave nectar
1 tbps extra virgin olive oil
pinch of sea salt

Go for it…
Slice, dice, pip & taste test the fruit. Pop into a large mixing bowl, squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the fruit to keep fresh & a splash of vodka. Chiffonnade the herbs & pop in the bowl with the fruit.
Now for the dressing – grab a small glass jar with a lid, squeeze in the lime juice, along with a little of the zest, vodka, agave nectar, oil & salt – pop on the lid & shake, shake, shake. Pour over the fruit, mix with a spoon to dress, serve on a plate & enjoy!

Sneaky Seconds
You can use any sort of fruit & booze you like for this recipe – go crazy & use 2 different types of booze! For a more intense boozy experience, let your fruit soak in the booze for an hour in the fridge.
Serves 2


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14 responses to “Boozy Summer Fruit Salad

  1. Delicious looking. I too am loving figs right now. We jus got back from a few days in Byron Bay where I was able to buy fresh figs from a farm door shop on the way to Bangalow for a killer price, as well as fresh raspberries that were to die for. We ate them with organic honey and toasted brioche. Wishing I had saved some to make a fruit salad. margaret

  2. I have to admit, if this post was titled “summer fruit sald” you would’ve had fat chance of getting my attention… You got me at “boozy”. Looks damn fine my friend.

  3. You got my attention with ” hippies are hippin’ “, great line! Boozy fruit salad is just the thing for Australia Day.

  4. Not only is the salad the most beautiful fruit salad I have ever seen, but your pottery is out of this world! I want it! All!

  5. Fig & Quince

    looks so so beautiful!

  6. This is gorgeous. I’m so jealous as we are I the heart of winter. First the Australian Open and now this salad. Teases. . All of you!

  7. Oh, I love this! This is sunshine on a plate!!! Just what I need with this cold weather…Lovely pictures!!

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